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Membership Information

Please be sure to read.  はじめにお読みください。


<梅 UME> <竹 TAKE> <松 MATSU>

+ Downloadable music data specially for our patron

You can download our original music of Retrospective that we specify.
Permission is granted for private use of the sound files only patrons. You will be given the right to use it almost freely for your personal use. (If you want to use it in a video or social media, there are some conditions, so please read carefully to the end.)

-Approved examples-

 - Enjoy listening (in your room, car, etc.)
 - Use for non-profit events where no fee is received from the audience and no compensation is paid to the performer (non-monetary events, charity events, workshops, etc.)
 - Reproducing music for use in non-monetary venues.
 - Use in class at schools or other educational institutions (not for profit).
 - Use for posting on non-commercial social networking accounts (Instagram/YouTube/Twitter etc.).

However, in this case, the following credit must be stated.

Music by Retrospective

Commercial use and secondary use are strictly prohibited.
Basically, we do not allow secondary use or use in places where money is generated under any circumstances. However, even for events that generate money (live performances, sporting events, dance events, etc.), permission may be granted depending on the purpose and policy of the event.
We may also allow the use of the music as a material for sampling in DTM.
Please feel free to contact us if you are considering uses of them.

Any use in adult content, violent or illegal content is strictly prohibited without reason.

+ Advance release of new music

Our special music and videos will be available very first on Patreon.

+ Patreon exclusive liner notes by composer Miyu

We are  creating music and videos by collaborating with traditional Japanese crafts and artwork from all over the world.
We will provide music commentary (self-liner notes) exclusively to patron members. (2-3 times a month)

See example:
Retrospective x Takayama Chasen (NARA)

Arts & Culture Project

The composer Miyu Goto explains in detail the image she received from each craft, the reason for using the particular sound and technique, the structure of the piece, and the background of the production.
(The article on "Gogh / Self-portrait with grey felt hat" is available to everyone.)  
→View Article

<梅 UME> <竹 TAKE> <松 MATSU>

+ 音源のダウンロード





Music by Retrospective


+ 新曲先行公開


+ 作曲家後藤によるライナーノーツ公開


例:Retrospective × 高山茶筌 (Nara)

Arts & Culture Project

(Gogh / Self-portrait with grey felt hat のみ、解説記事を全体公開にしておりますので以下よりどなたでもご覧いただけます。) 


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